Some examples of existing fine art including lifecasting and other original artwork

All these are available for purchase and custom commissions (in bronze or other mediums) are also available:
Please place cursor over each picture to view title and price. Click on the image for more details and to see the artwork larger.


Biography Series

Other Sculpture

Swirl Masquerade Mask---$110,
Love is in the air Mask---$110,
Asian Mask---$110,
Beauty of the Beast---$1100.00
Serene Tranquility---$760/SOLD
Bronze Antiquity---$100
Childhood Recollections---$75
Classical Elegance---$920
Calm, Cool & Collected---$920
Marbled #1---$100/SOLD
Mardi Gras---$120
Here Comes the Sun---$85
Tribal Mask---$110
The Artist #2 (Lifecast Figure)---$8000.00/SOLD
Pumpkins can be commissioned. Prices do not reflect sales tax or shipping.

Some examples of Custom Commmissioned Sculpture

While you cannot purchase these sculptures similar work can be created to your specifications:

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