It is the process of creating memories and personalized fine art all in one.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and drained in today's fast, hectic paced life. Time flies by faster with each passing year and the kids grow up too fast. I help people slow down and cherish life.s precious moments by creating personalized fine art pieces with them and their family. It is a fun and relaxing experience.

Bellycasting is an amazing technique where a casting, called a lifecasting, is made of your pregnant belly usually around the 8 month mark. Utilizing gypsum bandages--just like the ones that doctors used to use to set broken bones--dipped in water to soften them, I gently place them over the areas that you would like cast. The bandages stiffen in about 10 minutes and then are gently removed. The lifecasting session takes 30 to 45 minutes. This includes going over the process with you and preparation. You can either sit or lean back in a chair for the application.

A loved one is more than welcome to enjoy the experience with you and can be a part of the lifecast as well.

Every casting is ready to hang on the wall. Many people love the original white texture finish or it can be painted, smoothed, sculpted, or collaged. You can expect to have your finished product in 2 to 3 weeks depending upon how you would like it to be embellished. I take my time in order to give you a quality fine art piece that will last a lifetime.

Also worth noting is that for an additional fee your beautiful bellycast can be transformed into an enduring bronze casting - please inquire if you're interested in this option

Some examples of bellycasting.

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